Hunger strike in Cuba
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    Message to Cuba

    Message to Cuba
    Marchers in U.S. back dissidents, rip regime
    SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2010

    Cuban-Americans are responding to an incident that occurred in Cuba last
    week which highlights the island government's treatment of political

    A group of about 30 women called the were marching in
    Havana when they were assailed by state security agents and
    pro-government bystanders. The marchers, mothers and wives of 75
    dissidents and independent journalists who have been jailed since 2003,
    were rushed off to jail themselves.

    The Cuban government explained on state-run TV stations that the protest
    was broken up by private citizens loyal to the Cuban government.
    Accompanying the marchers were American and European diplomats in Cuba,
    the government reported, who caused the "provocation" that resulted in

    Photos of the disrupted march were posted on the and Cuba drew
    condemnation from several governments, USA Today reported. President
    Barack Obama referred to the attacks on the Ladies in White and the
    recent death of Cuban Oswaldo Tamayo, who died
    after a hunger strike, as "deeply disturbing."

    To support the Ladies in White and Cuba's political dissidents,
    Cuban-born pop singer Gloria Estefan organized a march Thursday in
    Miami's Little Havana. Thousands participated. Another rally in support
    of the group was planned for Sunday in Los Angeles.

    As one Miami marcher commented: "Nonviolent activists like Ladies in
    White are leading the way to in Cuba." America should support
    such efforts toward "" in Cuba.

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