Hunger strike in Cuba
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November 2010
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    Cuba to release longest-held political prisoner

    Cuba to release longest-held
    HAVANA | Mon Nov 1, 2010 4:59pm EDT

    HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba will free its longest-held political ,
    jailed since 1985, and send him to as the government continues to
    ship opponents out of the country.

    The Catholic Church said on Monday that Cuba had agreed to release three
    more prisoners, including Adrian Alvarez, 44, who has been serving a
    30-year sentence for stealing rifles while in the Cuban military.

    He was allegedly taking the weapons with plans to launch a military
    action against the government.

    The three prisoners were not included among 52 that Cuban officials
    agreed to let go in a July deal with the church.

    So far, 39 of those original 52 have been released, and most of those
    still behind bars are said to be resisting the government's demand that
    they go to Spain.

    In the meantime, Cuba has agreed to release 11 other prisoners, bringing
    to 50 the total number freed since July.

    The releases have relaxed international pressure on Cuba that followed
    the February death of jailed Tamayo, who died
    during a hunger strike for improved conditions.

    Cuban President is said to want to free all political
    prisoners to end one of Cuba's longstanding problems with the
    international community.

    The Cuban Commission for has said there are about 100
    political prisoners behind bars.

    (Reporting by Rosa Tania Valdes; editing by Jeff Franks and Stacey Joyce)

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