Hunger strike in Cuba
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March 2012
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    Hunger Strike 16 Days. Who did they bar from practicing medicine in 2006? / Jeovany Jimenez Vega

    Hunger Strike 16 Days. Who did they bar from practicing medicine in
    2006? / Jeovany Jimenez Vega
    Jeovany J. Vega, Translator: Unstated

    Today they are saying I'm heartless, that there was no merit in my past,
    everything in me was bullshit. They will try to discredit even my
    shadow, they will say that I am only a little guy who misled his
    colleagues and they will insist on clinging to the lie castaways cling
    to a board.

    With the accusing finger, as usual, they will point the renegade is now
    rubbing shoulders with incendiary dissidents and bloggers, but it was
    precisely they who brought me to meet Yoani and Reinaldo, Orlando Luis,
    Augustine, Joisy, Laritza, Miriam, Vallin, Dagoberto and others who
    didn't even know I existed then, and it was through them that I looked
    into this world of the irreverent and rebellious who take on all risks
    of living with their truths in a country that only rewards laziness and
    lies; the accusers were the ones, and no one else, who brought me to
    open Citizen Zero.

    Words of the judgment that the defense is allowed, and now I just
    reached into my heart to remind them that it was precisely they who
    forced me to take the first step. They know that the young man who, in
    2005, went to his minister, and had bled for everything I thought since
    I learned to babble barely the names of the bearded ones.

    Now I am the antichrist, but although they conceal it, they know that
    before that fateful May when Fidel announced publicly that we deserved
    only a "salary increase" of less than $ 2 a month, the Cuban boy had
    already left much of his and the best years of his youth – or,
    and it's the same, of his life – a member of the leadership of the
    Federate Students, the Communist Youth, and then in the Communist Party
    itself; who was chosen in September 1995 to to Paris as part of
    "World Passport" Project Youth Exchange, sponsored by the municipality
    of Saint Denis; who only by coincidence was not decorated in those years
    with the Order Julio Antonio Mella, for which I was a candidate for the
    same Guanajay where today I languish slowly, where the paraffin to
    maintain life is silently consumed to keep alive, up to the last moment,
    the dignity of the flame.

    So, when they unleash the pack just ask these questions: who did they
    bar from practicing medicine 5 years ago: the irreducible Citizen Zero
    who speaks from Cuban Voices, of the Communist militant who wanted to be
    consistent and sincere? In this story what was the cause and what the
    effect? Who threw the first stone? Seeking these answers, I have no
    doubt, all fingers point toward Havana.

    Note: This post was written Monday, March 19, 2012.

    March 21 2012

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