Hunger strike in Cuba
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April 2013
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    Cuban editor starts hunger strike to demand release of his reporter from Castro gulag

    Cuban editor starts hunger strike to demand release of his reporter from

    Castro gulag (UPDATED)

    UPDATED, 8 p.m. EDT — Via Twitter, Roberto Guerra reports that Calixto

    Martinez has resumed his hunger strike.

    Cuban independent journalist Roberto de Jesus Guerra on Monday started a

    hunger strike to force the release of his imprisoned colleague, Calixto

    Ramon Martinez.

    Guerra, director of the Hablemos Press news agency and himself a former

    political prisoner, had warned last week that several activists were

    prepared to go on hunger strike on Martinez's behalf if the regime did

    not release Martinez within days after on March 28 he ended a 22-day

    hunger strike. (For what it was worth, his jailers had promised Martinez

    that if he ended his protest, he would be released within days.)

    Over the weekend, it was reported that three activists in Camaguey had

    started their own hunger strikes to show support for Martinez. And on

    Monday, Guerra took to Twitter to announce his protest:

    'I have declared myself on hunger strike because the authorities have

    not fulfilled their promise to free the journalist Calixto Ramon Martinez'

    Martinez has been imprisoned since Sept. 16, when he was arrested while

    investigating why a shipment of medical supplies at the Havana airport

    had been allowed to spoil.

    "Though he was never formally charged or faced court, the police are

    accusing him with 'disrespect' toward President Raul Castro and former

    president Fidel," Amnesty International said in February when it

    designated Martinez as a prisoner of conscience.

    While in jail, Martinez has carried out two lengthy hunger strikes, the

    second of which he ended after officials told him he would soon be

    released. Last week, he was transferred from Combinando del Este prison

    in Havana to another jail — far short of what Martinez and his

    supporters had been lead to expect.

    Guerra's patience with the dictatorship has reached its limit.

    "Six months is sufficient," he said last week."

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