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April 2013
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    Prison Diary X. The “5″ (Sybarites) Don’t Like Chicken

    Prison Diary X. The "5? (Sybarites) Don't Like Chicken / Angel Santiesteban

    Posted on April 6, 2013

    The prisoners I share this barracks with tell me they read in the

    newspaper Granma that the 5 spies condemned in the U.S. complained

    because their jailers had offered them chicken twice. That is, they were

    protesting because they repeated the menu.

    When I was free, I always heard these comments that seemed absurd and I

    immediately looked for a way to find someone on the internet to verify

    with. Now, in the conditions in which I survive in this prison it's

    impossible to verify anything.

    The truth is that it makes me laugh the way the prisoners here with me

    hear the news. I've heard several times, and I always have to laugh:

    this repetition of chicken that the spies complain of would be a reasons

    for a celebration among the inmates in this prison.

    Some Fridays, on a holiday, they deliver what is normally recognized as

    a fourth of a chicken. That day the dining room is full. The other days

    it's preferable to be on hunger strike. I myself, for example, spent

    five days without going to the dining room. I prefer to survive on

    cookies and toast that my family brings and that I keep, like a

    treasure, in a sack.

    I have also read the statements of the Spanish political, Angel

    Carromero, who was driving the car in which we lost Oswaldo Paya and

    Harold Cepero. He said that his six months of imprisonment in Cuba was

    enough to leave him traumatized and needing medical help.

    We have to remember that Carromero was held in a special prison for

    foreigners, that he also had the oversight of the embassy, and the

    obvious treatment of the political police to "sweeten him up," so that

    the real version of what happened that fateful day won't come to light.

    We should ask, regardless of any prison, wherever it is, it's always

    difficult to face and endure, what's left for us who are in these

    inhumane prisons, with almost no food and with the extra weight of the

    known evil prosecutions for justice?

    Neither the 5 spies nor Carromero know what a prison really is.

    Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

    La Lima Prison. April 2013.

    5 April 2013

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