Hunger strike in Cuba
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April 2013
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    Report Following Visit to Angel Santiesteban-Prats in Prison

    Report Following Visit to Angel Santiesteban-Prats in Prison

    Posted on April 14, 2013

    After a week of anxious uncertainty about the destination and the

    conditions in which Angel was then being transferred illegally, against

    his will and violently from La Lima prison so that he could not talk to

    the commission of journalists who visited the center April 9, finally

    yesterday, April 13, two relatives were able to see him.

    He agreed, during the visit, to drink two cups of broth, but reaffirmed

    that his hunger strike will not end until he is returned to the prison

    where he was and all his rights were respected. He has lost some weight

    but remains steadfast in his ideals and is acting according to the

    dictates of his conscience.

    Has informed us that the prison authorities left him with no option but

    to declare a hunger strike in protest, because he was treated as a

    terrorist and they tried to dress in clothes of a prisoner, which under

    no circumstances will he allow.

    After his refusal to wear the uniform of a common prisoner and having

    declared a hunger strike, he was transferred to a punishment cell where

    there no light or sun. We note that the first cell where they locked him

    previously had no bathroom, the latter does have something called a


    Since Monday he had not washed, not even his mouth; he only did so in

    the presence of family and will continue thus until he is returned to La

    Lima Prison — from where he never should have been removed — in the

    same conditions in which he was before.

    In the punishment cell has only a "bed" of cast concrete and they did

    not allow him to keep his glasses. He has only his clothes, a toothbrush

    and toothpaste.

    Monday morning he will be visited by his lawyer, Ms. Amelia Rodriguez Cala.

    In view of what happened, and aware of and concerned about the integrity

    of our beloved Angel, we reiterate what was stated in the previous


    We hold Raul Castro Ruz absolutely responsible for what might happen to

    Angel Santiesteban Prats and remind the Cuban dictator that Angel is not

    a criminal, he did not commit any of the crimes that were invented to

    keep him locked up and to make him remain silent. He is innocent, he did

    not invade the home of the mother of his son, which was also the home of

    his son, nor did he assault her.

    He has proved repeatedly and conclusively that he is innocent of all

    charges against him. But justice, responding to the dictates of State

    security, not only dismissed the evidence but also did not allow the

    testimony of the defense witnesses. If any doubts remain, we suggest to

    Mr. Raul Castro Ruz who is personally interested in knowing the court

    records, that he view the evidence with which Anger proved his

    innocence, listen to the witnesses and view the video hosted on Youtube

    in which a false witness, fabricated by the accusers, tells how Mrs.

    Rodriguez Kenya personally offered him payments and benefits in exchange

    for testifying against the father of her child.

    To top it off, the false witness claims he does not know Angel, and had

    never seen him. We urge Mr. Raul Castro Ruz to demonstrate to the world

    the much publicized "humanism and democratic character of the Cuban

    Revolution" holding in his own hands the hoax of the State Security

    against Angel, shamefully violating the separation of powers that need

    to exist for any society to be truly democratic.

    Given this state of affairs, not only do we demand that Raul Castro Ruz

    ensure the integrity of Angel but also that he be immediately

    transferred back La Lima, in the same condition in which he was removed,

    despite continuing to be unjustly imprisoned, so he can at least

    continue to work tirelessly as he had done: writing, which is his job,

    his passion and his reason for being.

    You can imagine what the Lieutenant Colonel and handwriting expert would

    say now of the script Angel is writing in the dark and without glasses

    as he is doing in the punishment cell. If before he dared to send him to

    prison for the size and slant of his handwriting, now he would do

    nothing less than suggest that they ask for the death penalty …

    The international media, human rights organizations, family and friends

    are very attentive to what happens to Angel and we repeat that we hold

    the entire Havana regime and its leaders responsible for him.

    And hopefully, without losing a minute, they will do the right thing.

    Truth and justice are the way.

    Embarrassingly, the case of our brother and friend is not unique.

    Therefore, we talso demand that Raúl Castro Ruz release of all political

    prisoners flooding the Cuban prisons. We demand for all of them as well

    as for our beloved Angel: justice and truth.

    On behalf of his family and friends,

    The Editor

    (Note from Translating Cuba's editor: A poem by Angel attached to this

    post will be posted later… as soon as the "experts" finish translating it.)

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