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November 2013
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    Cuba in the UN Circus

    Cuba in the UN Circus / Luis Cino Alvarez
    Posted on November 14, 2013

    HAVANA, Cuba, November 2013, Do you remember when in
    the past decade Gadaffi’s Libya chaired the Human Rights Commission of
    the UN?

    Because of such scandalous contradictions, the 2006 announcement that a
    new body would be created to replace the ineffective and too politicized
    Commission seemed encouraging.

    Seven years later it is extremely frustrating to see that nothing has
    changed, or it’s gotten worse. China, Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and
    Vietnam have just been elected in a vote that was direct, secret and by
    regional blocs, to membership on the Human Rights Council.

    Can we expect something positive from a Council with such illustrious

    With the history of the governments of these countries in terms of human
    rights, their election seems like a bad joke. It’s like designating a
    gang of constitutional perverts and rapists to ensure the virginity of
    the pupils of a girls’ school.

    With no disrespect to the present miscreants, too bad they don’t also
    have the Iranian ayatollahs and the regimes of Syria and North Korea!

    Cuba will take a seat on the UN Human Rights Council despite its
    intensifying repression against the Ladies in White, the beatings and
    arrests of opponents (there were 909 in October alone), the harassment
    of independent journalists, and the repudiation rallies and other
    outrages of the paramilitary Rapid Response Brigades in pure fascist-style.

    The vote in Geneva, which will be interpreted by the Cuban regime as
    another triumph of its thug diplomacy, will encourage its arrogance and
    pride. We Cubans will confirm the worsening repression firsthand. They
    are prepared to let opposition prisoners on hunger strike die!

    For those who look for all the saints to help them, now that the
    dictatorship is taking a nose-dive, the honest and decent thing would be
    for the world to exert even a little power in favor of those who are
    fighting for democratic change in Cuba. Just that. But instead of saying
    no to suffocate the regime, or even a pinch to force them to cede
    spaces, they give them a complicit wink and inflate the scarecrow, to
    prolong the agony of its victims.

    It happens that in the world today decency does not exactly reign.

    Today the Council, like the Human Rights Commission before it, remains a
    patronage club of cronies and accomplices who cheerfully and shamelessly
    reciprocate favors. The Cuban people can expect little from such a circus.

    Luis Cino Alvarez,

    Cubanet, 14 November 2013

    Source: “Cuba in the UN Circus / Luis Cino Alvarez | Translating Cuba” –

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