Hunger strike in Cuba
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February 2014
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    Barbarism in Cuba Wears a Uniform and Police Badge

    Barbarism in Cuba Wears a Uniform and Police Badge / Lilianne Ruiz
    Posted on February 16, 2014

    The men who sawed through the metal bars at Jorge Luis Garcia Perez’s
    (Antunez) house at 5:30 in the morning last Tuesday were police, After
    cutting the fence, they broke the latch and drove everyone sleeping in
    the house out with blows, taking them prisoner. They were following
    orders from the Ministry of the Interior. This information is already
    old because a few hours later they were arrested again. But I just
    connected and the post I wrote at home after taling with Iris on
    Wednesday night.

    On Monday, 10 February, Antunez started a hunger and thirst strike, in
    protest for the police ransacking he was a victim of last Wednesday. He
    is demanding the return of everything they took from his house. His wife
    explained that it wasn’t a question of the material possessions, but of
    a moral response that tries to limit these arbitrary actions.

    There were two other men with them this morning, from the Orlando Zapata
    Tamayo Civic Resistance Front, who joined the hunger strike. At this
    time everyone continues the same stance, despite being isolated. The
    activists’ cell phones were not returned by the police, to increase the
    sensation of isolation and limit the visibility of the strike.

    We have to look with horror on the fact that wearing the uniform or
    carrying an ID card from the Department of State Security, provides
    momentary impunity. The seeds of violence are planted in this social war
    fueled by ideology; this is nothing new. But the end depends on people
    of good will — if there are any left — both inside and outside of Cuba.

    Who dares to propose, from Cuba, that Latin America and the Caribbean is
    a Zone of Peace.

    14 February 2014

    Source: Barbarism in Cuba Wears a Uniform and Police Badge / Lilianne
    Ruiz | Translating Cuba –

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