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April 2014
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    Attorney of jailed American in Cuba presses Obama for action

    Attorney of jailed American in Cuba presses Obama for action
    By Justin Sink – 04/23/14 02:59 PM EDT

    The attorney for a USAID worker jailed in Cuba plead with President
    Obama to “sit down with the Cuban government” and try to strike a deal
    for his release in an interview Wednesday with MSNBC.

    Scott Glibert, the attorney for jailed American Alan Gross, asked the
    White House to dispatch top American officials to conduct negotiations
    with the Castro regime in a bid to secure the former government
    employee’s release.
    “Our message, really, is to the president of the United States,” Gilbert
    said. “And it is President Obama, please engage on this issue. We
    understand the world’s a complicated place. We understand the world will
    not become less complicated, but please engage on this issue. Sit down
    with the Cuban government. Try to reach a resolution.”

    Gross was jailed more than four years ago when it was discovered he
    helped to set up Internet access for a small Jewish community on the
    communist nation. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

    Gilbert, who visited Cuba recently to meet with Gross and Cuban
    officials, warned the former government employee was “not doing well”
    and said he had lost 12 pounds in a hunger strike to protest his

    “He told me yesterday emphatically that May 2, which marks his 65th
    birthday, will be the last birthday that he marks in Cuba, one way or
    the other,” Gilbert said.

    Last December, the White House said Obama had personally lobbied foreign
    leaders and other “international figures” to help convince the Castro
    regime to free Gross.

    “The State Department has kept Mr. Gross’ case at the forefront of
    discussions with the Cuban government and made clear the importance the
    United States places on his welfare,” White House press secretary Jay
    Carney said. “They have also engaged a wide range of foreign
    counterparts, and urged them to advocate for Mr. Gross’ release.”

    But Gilbert said he had not received “any response” from the Obama

    “The Cubans want to sit down with the United States and reach a
    negotiated resolution,” Gilbert said. “We have asked the president to
    engage and to have the administration participate in such a negotiation.
    And we believe that the administration should do whatever it takes to
    free Alan, who was in Cuba in the first place on U.S. government business.”

    Source: Attorney of jailed American in Cuba presses Obama for action |
    TheHill –

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