Hunger strike in Cuba
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October 2014
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    Political arrests down in Cuba, opposition says

    Political arrests down in Cuba, opposition says
    Published October 02, 2014 EFE

    Last month saw at least 411 politically motivated detentions in Cuba,
    the lowest monthly total this year, the dissident Cuban Commission for
    Human Rights and National Reconciliation, or CCDHRN, said Thursday.

    “The trend of diminishing acts of repression of this kind, observed over
    the last four months, continues,” the CCDHRN said in its latest bulletin.

    Arrests peaked in May at 1,120, and then began to decline, with 632
    detentions of political activists in August.

    Other instances of repression, such as physical attacks, harassment,
    vandalism and public repudiation of dissidents, have also decreased, the
    CCDHRN said.

    “Despite this evident (and positive) statistical change, which might be
    just temporary, CCDHRN cannot hide its skepticism about the willingness
    of an almost 56-year-old regime to adopt real reforms in the economy and
    the area of fundamental rights,” the group said.

    The bulletin highlights the case of Vladimir Morera, a political
    prisoner released Sept. 28 on a one-year furlough after he mounted a
    104-day hunger strike to demand his freedom.

    Conversely, Interior Ministry agents prevented an opposition activist
    from boarding a plane to travel to Chile in response to an invitation
    from a youth organization.

    Headed by dissident activist Elizardo Sanchez, CCDHRN is the only
    organization in Cuba that records and makes public the number of such
    incidents, while the government dismisses most of its opponents as
    “counter-revolutionaries,” and U.S.-paid “mercenaries.” EFE

    Source: Political arrests down in Cuba, opposition says | Fox News
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