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January 2015
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    Capitulation to Cuba is par for the course for Obama

    Capitulation to Cuba is par for the course for Obama
    By Jennifer Rubin January 15 at 2:45 PM

    The magnitude of the administration’s sellout of the Cuban people became
    clear today. The Post reports:

    Men play chess on the sidewalk in downtown Havana January 9, 2015.
    REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini (CUBA –
    The Obama administration took its first major steps Thursday to chip
    away at the Cold War-era embargo against Cuba, easing the way for
    Americans to visit the island and loosening trade rules to allow the
    flow of goods ranging from computers to Cuban cigars.

    The announcement — just a month after a surprise decision to seek a
    restoration of diplomatic ties with Havana after more than 50 years —
    appears to reflect a desire by the White House to move quickly to clear
    away barriers in place before President Obama was born.

    Indeed, the administration can’t give away the store fast enough.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in a written statement declared, “This is a
    windfall for the Castro regime that will be used to fund its repression
    against Cubans, as well as its activities against U.S. national
    interests in Latin America and beyond. Given existing U.S. laws about
    our Cuba policy, this slew of regulations leave at least one major
    question President Obama and his administration have failed to answer so
    far: what legal authority does he have to enrich the Castro regime in
    these ways?”

    Rubio noted that he has yet to get a response from the administration as
    to how this will all be done and still be consistent with U.S. law.
    “While those questions remain unanswered, one thing that’s become even
    more crystal clear today is that this one-sided deal is enriching a
    tyrant and his regime at the expense of U.S. national interests and the
    Cuban people,” he added.

    Likewise, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Sen. Bob Corker
    (Tenn.) vowed, “What you’re going to see in the Foreign Relations
    Committee is a robust set of hearings around all of this. Not just the
    issue of the administration’s policies but the embargo itself. This has
    not been top of mind.’ He expressed concern about “what the
    administration is attempting to do, what the Castro administration is
    looking to do — behavioral change, in regard — and then we can look at
    the bigger policies.”

    The answer is simple: The president wanted to get rid of what he sees as
    a vestige of the Cold War. We prop up the Castro regime by giving it
    tourist and trade dollars, and it will continue to oppress the Cuban
    people. Is there some confusion here?

    This latest move on Cuba highlights how little the administration cares
    about reciprocity. Its interest is in soothing tyrants and avoiding
    conflict, even at the expense of U.S. interests.Take Ukraine and Iran
    for example:

    On Ukraine, the administration, ranking member of the Senate Foreign
    Relations Committee Robert Menendez fumed, should be fully implementing
    sanctions against Russia and aid in light of “Russian-supplied proxies
    in eastern Ukraine[causing] havoc on the lives of innocent people in the
    region” including the killing of 10 Ukrainian civilians and “the Russian
    kidnapping and imprisonment of Ukrainian Air Force pilot, Nadiya
    Savchenko, who is on a hunger strike”.

    And on Iran: “Republican and Democratic U.S. lawmakers will press ahead
    with a plan for more sanctions on Iran, the chairman of the Senate
    Foreign Relations Committee said on Wednesday, despite White House
    warnings that they risked derailing nuclear talks. Lawmakers, who say
    they fear Obama administration negotiators may not take a hard enough
    line with Tehran, are also at work on a separate bill to have Congress
    approve any final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, Senator Bob
    Corker, the chairman, told Reuters in an interview.”

    Democrats and Republicans, whether they are in Congress or gearing up
    for a presidential race, need to be pressed on whether they agree with
    Obama’s policies. Do they approve of the “fire sale” style of
    negotiating with rogue regimes in Iran and Cuba? Do they support
    inertness in the face of Russian aggression? Then voters can decide who
    is going to defend American interests and who will not.

    Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn blog for The Post, offering
    reported opinion from a conservative perspective.

    Source: Capitulation to Cuba is par for the course for Obama – The
    Washington Post –

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