Hunger strike in Cuba
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February 2015
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    “United States or Die” Demand Cubans in Veracruz

    “United States or Die” Demand Cubans in Veracruz / Luis Felipe Rojas
    Posted on February 6, 2015

    Rafael Alejandro Hernández Real, who says he was an agent of State
    Security in Cuba — infiltrated into the Eastern Democratic Alliance — in
    September 2014 chained himself in the Plaza Bolivar of Bogota, Colombia,
    and now is on a hunger strike, demanding that he be allowed to go to the
    United States, according to a report from Universo Increible.

    “Ten young Cuban emigrants have declared a hunger and drink strike in
    the immigration station at Acayucán, in the state of Veracruz, in order
    to avoid being deported to Cuba. Right now there are seven men and three
    women. The group of strikers has been increasing before the official
    denials and threats of being returned to the island,” reports the news

    Hernández Real made himself known in 2008 when, together with Eliecer
    Ávila and other students at the University of Information Sciences in
    Havana, they questioned the then-president of the Peoples’ Power
    National Assembly. Ricardo Alarcón. On that occasion Ávila and Hernández
    Real called for the freedom to leave the country, to visit historic
    sites of the world like “Che Guevara’s tomb in Bolivia,” and they
    questioned the supposed unanimity of the general voting that takes place
    in Cuba.

    Translated by Regina Anavy

    6 February 2015

    Source: “United States or Die” Demand Cubans in Veracruz / Luis Felipe
    Rojas | Translating Cuba –

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