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March 2015
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    Seven Steps to Kill Orlando Zapata Tamayo

    Seven Steps to Kill Orlando Zapata Tamayo / Luis Felipe Rojas
    Posted on March 1, 2015

    Luis Felipe Rojas — I published this post a few days after that needless
    death. Now I again denounce the death and express the same ideas about
    it. It’s my homage to my brother, Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

    I am still experiencing the pain caused by that avoidable death, and I
    feel impotent because I didn’t attend the funeral honoring him due to
    political impediments, but that hasn’t stopped me from saying that in
    any case, what I present here seem to be the seven final steps that
    advanced the repressive machinery used to kill Zapata.

    1. Setting up that para-judicial theater that imposed a sentence of 63
    years on him for contempt.

    2. The continuous beatings accompanied by obscene words and insults
    about his race and the region where he lived (shitty negro, shitty peasant).

    3. Putting him in prisons that were located far away from his mother’s
    home (Prison Kilo Cinco y Medio in Pinar del Rio, Prison Kilo 8 in

    4. The beatings in November 2009 in the Holguin jail when they knocked
    him down smashing his leg with a steel bar, on his knee cap, and that
    his mother saw again when she opened the coffin in her house in Banes
    and also discovered that there were other marks of the beating with
    clubs that he surely received months before.

    5. The forced removal to Camaguey and the robbery of his belongings on
    December 3 when they confiscated the only food he was eating in prison.
    This was the fact that made in declare a hunger strike.

    6. Taking away water for the 18 days in the middle of the strike even
    when he had said that he was declaring a hunger strike but would drink
    small amounts of water.

    7. The maneuver of taking him to a hospital for prisoners in Camaguey,
    west of Havana, and putting him in a room that was not set up for
    treating prisoners in a grave condition.

    I lack the power of analysis in this case, but please don’t keep saying
    that the government didn’t have a hand in his death. The execution order
    was given from the office of General Raul Castro Ruz.

    Translated by Regina Anavy

    23 February 2015

    Source: Seven Steps to Kill Orlando Zapata Tamayo / Luis Felipe Rojas |
    Translating Cuba –

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