Hunger strike in Cuba
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August 2016
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    US Embassy Official Visits Guillermo Fariñas

    US Embassy Official Visits Guillermo Fariñas / 14ymedio

    14ymedio, Havana, 9 August 2016 – A note published on the digital site
    of the Anti-totalitarian Forum (FANTU) reports that Dana Brown,
    Political and Economic Section Chief of the United States Embassy in
    Havana visited Guillermo Fariñas at his home in Santa Clara on Monday.
    The official showed her “concern” for the health of the opposition
    leader, who has been on a hunger and thirst strike for more than 20 days.

    Fariñas said that the American diplomat arrived at this house around
    noon, interested in his “state of health” and “the demands” that the
    dissident made to Raul Castro’s government. She asked the winner of the
    European Parliament’s 2010 Sakharov Price for Human Rights how the
    United States government could help him. The conversation between them
    lasted “almost an hour” and was a “very fruitful and respectful dialog”
    according to Fariñas.

    With the visit of Brown, two diplomatic representatives have now visited
    Fariñas since the beginning of his hunger strike. On 31 July the first
    secretary of the Apostolic Nunciature in Cuba, the priest Jose Manuel
    Alcaide Borreguero visited his home in the Santa Clara neighborhood of
    La Chirusa.

    Fariñas, 54, has undertaken more than 20 hunger strikes since 1995, the
    most recent of them in 2010 lasting 135 days, in which he demanded the
    release of a group of opponents of the 2003 Black Spring.

    Source: US Embassy Official Visits Guillermo Fariñas / 14ymedio –
    Translating Cuba –

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