Hunger strike in Cuba
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September 2016
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    Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation – August 2016 Report

    Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation: August
    2016 Report

    In August of 2016, our Commission registered at least 517 arbitrary
    detentions, for political reasons, of peaceful Cuban opponents, which
    represents an increase from the previous month.

    The figures associated with political repression in Cuba continue to be
    unacceptably high for a country with with a low level of political
    violence, except the systematic actions of terror and intimidate from
    the State.

    In the month reported on there also occurred 24 physical aggressions and
    8 acts of harassment on the part of the political secret police, which
    brought to 115 the number condemned for political reasons or conditions,
    104 of which languished in the huge prison system of the Castros’ Cuba
    and 11 served sentences of house arrest.

    The peaceful opponent Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas has already spent 45 days
    on hunger strike, without eating or drinking water, demanding that the
    government put an end to the politically violent repression, the seizing
    of the means of employment, and other forms of harassment against
    peaceful opponents. Fariñas’ demands are absolutely just.

    The Ladies in White Movement continues to be a priority target for
    repression: during the last 68 Sundays and on other days of the week the
    police repression against them has been very notorious and they have
    suffered thousands and thousands of arbitrary detentions.

    The full report, which is in Spanish but laid out in charts and graphs
    to make it clearly understandable, can be downloaded here:

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