Hunger strike in Cuba
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February 2017
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    Broken Dreams

    Broken Dreams / Cubalex

    Translator’s note: The references here to the empty offices and the
    inability to work relate to a police raid that occurred in September of
    last year, during which much of the organization’s equipment was

    Cubalex, 20 February 2017 – It is an ordinary November day. Cubalex
    members are visiting the headquarters, the emptiness of the offices
    hardly bearable, their faces are not the same as before, but they
    continue to be united.

    “A letter has arrived,” says an assistant. “Read it out loud,” everyone
    says. “It is a new case, I don’t recall the name,” she affirms. “But
    start reading it,” exclaimed the investigator.

    “OK, I’ll start,” she says. “Havana, 16 November 2016, Dear Laritza and
    the Cubalex team, I recently wrote to you, another inmate gave me the
    address. Today I received an answer from you in which you explained the
    process to be able to help me.

    “And I felt like the happiest prisoner in the world. I had written to
    all the state institutions and none responded to me. I am speaking to
    you from my heart, that you have given me back my hope and a desire to
    go on living.”

    The emotion was visible on everyone’s face, after so many days without
    being able to do our work this letter filled the space and all of us
    with emotion. It was the first pleasant emotion we had felt after more
    than 90 days of anguish.

    “A million thanks,” she continued reading, “love and blessings to
    you all, a thousand thanks for the help you can offer me, I have no way
    to thank you. I once again want to live. In you, I have found different
    human beings.

    “I will send you all the documents you asked me for, I am serving a
    sentence for a crime I didn’t commit, while the real culprit walks free.
    They accused me of the theft and slaughter of cattle, and condemned me
    to 12 years* and I swear to you I am innocent.

    “Soon I will turn 21, you are my best gift, just by responding to my
    letters. I was planning to go on a hunger strike, but I knew of
    Cubalex’s existence and the help you have given to many inmates
    here. May God always accompany you and thousands of blessings to you,”
    she concluded reading.

    “He’s just a kid,” said the group’s senior sadly. “Where is it from?”
    “From Agüica,” replied the reader, looking at the envelope. “We have to
    answer him,” said the psychologist, “even if it’s on a blank sheet and
    with a pen. We must explain what happened at our headquarters on
    September 23. He has his hopes set on us.”

    “I have an envelope, and I saw that they left the stamps on the day of
    the [police] operation, you’ll find them in my drawer,” said the
    secretary to the assistant.

    “Who will answer him?” She asked. “I will,” was the answer that was
    heard in chorus. “That’s like pouring a bucket of cold water,” said
    secretary said. “It would be better if the psychologist answered.”

    The silence was an expression of the anguish captivated them. “Send him
    the phone number to call us,” advised the Director. “At least we can
    guide him. Let’s keep the letter, to show it to the teacher Julio on the
    next visit to the prison. By the way, who is going to make this visit?”

    “I am,” replied the social investigator. “Don’t worry, I’ll give it to him.”

    *Translator’s note: the penalties for unauthorized slaughter of cattle
    in Cuba are very severe, and it is literally true that a person
    may serve more time for killing a cow than someone else serves for
    killing a person.

    Source: Broken Dreams / Cubalex – Translating Cuba –

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