Hunger strike in Cuba
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April 2017
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    State Security Doctors Constantly Mistreated Us

    “State Security Doctors Constantly Mistreated Us”

    14ymedio, Havana, 4 April 2017 — Maydolys Leyva can breath easy for the
    first time since last March 7. Her three children have abandoned their
    hunger strike after being released on parole. This Monday, their mother
    prepared a meal of mild creamed vegetables, root vegetables and meat for
    her daughter Anairis and son Fidel Batista, as they began to resume
    eating. Her other daughter, Adairis Miranda, is still in intermediate care.

    From her bed at Vladimir Ilich Lenin Teaching Hospital in Holguín,
    where she is recovering, Anairis Miranda spoke via telephone with 14ymedio.

    14ymedio. What led you to undertake the hunger strike?

    Anairis. We spent 27 days without food and continued to demand the
    immediate release of our family because we never accepted the unjust
    sentence of a year of deprivation of liberty imposed on us.

    We are also demanding the release of the political prisoners of the
    Cuban Reflection Movement to which we belong with pride and whose
    national leader is Librado Linares. We also demand the immediate release
    of the national leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, Eduardo
    Cardet. In response to these demands we obtained parole for health reasons.

    14ymedio. Are you still under surveillance?

    Anairis. Right now, here in the hospital, there is no presence of State
    Security. As of Sunday, when they delivered the parole documents to us,
    they took their repressors and left.

    14ymedio. What were the most difficult moments during the strike?

    Anairis. We suffered a lot of repression by State Security. They made
    threats against our mother’s life. The official in charge of
    confrontation in the province of Holguin, Fredy Agüero, threatened to
    take custody of my sister’s two children, who were being looked after by
    our mom. He said they would arrest her and kill her in prison.

    14ymedio. How is your sister right now?

    Anairis. Adairis is now in intermediate therapy in the surgical clinic,
    she has a monitor and an IV. We all have very low blood pressure. We
    weigh 66 pounds and are continuing to lose weight. My brother has very
    unstable blood pressure, it goes up and down. My brother and I are
    suffering from ischemic heart disease as a sequel to the strike. I have
    some vaginal bleeding and diarrhea. I am still very ill, just like my

    14ymedio. How has the treatment from the doctors been from a humane
    point of view?

    Anairis. Some doctors have treated us well, those who are not from the
    Ministry of the Interior. The doctors of the State Security, who
    constantly mistreated us, have already left. They tried to misrepresent
    everything about our health and to overshadow everything. Now, since
    they left, we have noticed the change in the treatment of the hospital
    doctors and the people who have come to see us. Before they didn’t let
    anyone approach us.

    14ymedio. How many days do the doctors expect you to remain hospitalized?

    Anairis. They tell us that we have to stay in the hospital about ten
    more days because we could suffer a heart attack or different
    complications can occur, although in the case of my sister it could be
    longer depending on the improvement in her immune system.

    14ymedio. How did you receive evidence of solidarity?

    Anairis. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to the international
    public for their solidarity and to all the brother and sister activists
    of both the diaspora and the country. Of course, also the journalists
    who reported what happened.

    Source: “State Security Doctors Constantly Mistreated Us” – Translating
    Cuba –

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